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President's Message (Jackie Parnell)
New Council Watch Committee Calls for Help (Evangeline Funk & Piilani Kaopuiki)
League Supports Urban Growth Boundary (Pearl Johnson)
Help Wanted
Bus Rapid Transit Advances (Charles Carole)
Primary Election Is Important
Welcome New Members
Voter Service Committee Plans Forums for September (Arlene Ellis)

President's Message

This issue of Aloha Voter contains a special insert. If you are a new member, you will recognize it as the questionnaire you received along with your "Welcome to the League" letter. The Board decided at its July meeting that it would be a good idea to send it to everybody so we could get an update on who is interested in doing what and who doesn't want to be bothered, thank you. Please take the time to look at it and let us know if and how you would like to participate.

Note that there is a new activity area on the list -- Affordable Housing and Homeless Issues. This is NOT an area where we have a program. But I think we should. League ought to be actively involved in trying to find solutions to this difficult problem. I intend to propose a study on the issue at the December planning meeting for action at our next annual meeting in April and I would like to know who else would like join me in this effort.

We gave testimony on two issues in July. One is covered in the report of the Planning & Zoning Committee. The other issue was Resolution 03-240, CD1 initiating a charter amendment that would allow the City's Ethics Commission to levy fines on city officers and employees for violation of the City's Standards of Conduct. We offered our support for the resolution on July 29 and also offered to work for its passage when it goes on the ballot. It was passed unanimously by the Executive Matters Committee which ensures its adoption by the Council.

Susan Stahl has regretfully submitted her resignation as Editor of the Aloha Voter due to her strenuous and uncertain travel schedule. Pearl Johnson has gallantly stepped forward to fill the breach. She welcomes any and all assistance.

Education Forum

If you were not able to attend the League's Education Forum on June 26, you missed an excellent presentation. State League Education Committee Chair Mary Anne Raywid set the tone of the meeting which was both civil and instructive (rare to find these days!). Both the Governor's CARE Committee representatives, BOE member Laura Thielen, and House Education Committee Chair Roy Takumi were articulate and persuasive. Superintendent Pat Hamamoto was among the estimated 60 attendees. The League may not be large in numbers but we are definitely an organization not to be ignored!

Vote Count

Thanks to all for your contributions of time and effort to the 'Olelo vote count. Many hands do make light work.

Jackie Parnell
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