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President's Message (Jackie Parnell)
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New Vote Count Coming (Arlene Ellis)
Mayoral Candidates on Public Radio (Arlene Ellis)

Mayoral Candidates On Public Radio

The mayoral forum was held between 5 and 6 pm on September first over Hawaii Public Radio to a standing-room only, very orderly audience who provided questions to be asked of Duke Bainum and Mufi Hannemann.

Our moderator, Janet Mason, held tight reins on the forum process ably assisted by Jean Aoki who kept track of the order of questions and Pearl Johnson who made sure the candidates spoke within strict time limits. She only hit the stop bell three times.

Piilani Kaopuiki and Lois Tyler were the ushers and runners who provided the guests with cards on which they wrote their questions. There were enough questions to fill another hour or two - indicating the extent of interest that we hope will result in large numbers of voters.

Janet ended the session with, "This is an important, very important, opportunity to help shape Honolulu's future. Vote by absentee ballot; vote in person at your neighborhood polling place, but VOTE, because your vote does count!"

Arlene Ellis

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