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Constitutional Amendments Debated

The four proposed constitutional amendments were debated at a forum sponsored by League and Hawaii Public Radio on Sunday, October 10, from 3 to 5 pm.

The participants were newly-reelected City prosecutor Peter Carlisle and Randy Bissen. Jr., Deputy Attorney General, taking the "pro" position and Susan Arnnett, Deputy Public Defender, and William Harrison, Trial Lawyer, arguing for the "con" position. The debate was ably moderated by Robert LeClair, Chair of the Kapiolani Community College Department of Legal Education.

After a clarification in "lay" language of each of the proposed amendments, a lively 90 minutes was spent over questions posed by the League and members of the live audience.

We concluded that it was a worthwhile two hours given up on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, the forum scheduled for October 15 for the mayoral race was cancelled due to the refusal of Mufi Hannemman to participate.

Arlene Ellis

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