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President's Message (Jackie Parnell)
December Meeting Features Proposal to Address Agricultural Lands (Jackie Parnell)
Volunteer for Election
Discussion Group Meets Oct. 21 (Evangeline Funk)
Parlor Game for Civil Liberties (Dorothy Cornell)
Constitutional Amendments Debated (Arlene Ellis)
Phone Company Takeover Bears Watching (Pearl Johnson)
Welcome New Members
Conference on Judicial Independence
View Sovereignty Tapes
Debate History Tapes Available
City Planner at Planning & Zoning Meeting Oct. 26

Discussion Group Meets Oct. 21

The Honolulu League of Women Voters discussion group will meet on Thursday, October 21, 2004 at Roxie Berlin's house at 3016 Hole Street at 10 a.m. If you have any questions about the meeting you may call Roxie at 923-3384 or Evangeline Funk at 923-4191.

Members living in the Waianae area who may be interested in forming a discussion group should call Kit Glover at 668-7337.

Leaguers in the Mililani area inter ested in forming a discussion group can call Muriel MacKallor at 6261259.

Evangeline Funk

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