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Meet for Clean Elections On November 30

The fight for Fair and Clean Elections in Hawaii is full steam ahead! The years of work the League of Women Voters, Hawaii Clean Elections and countless other organizations around the state will finally pay off this legislative session. On Tuesday, November 30, at 6:00PM at the Capital House Hearing Room, we will be holding our Hawaii Clean Elections Action Meeting to detail what actions we must take to pass this bill. As the Field Coordinator for HI-Clean, I hope you will call me at 599-1600 and attend this meeting

Hawaii Clean Elections (HI-Clean) and Hawaii Elections Project have grown greatly this year. AARP Hawaii has become an important new ally. The Sierra Club will play a greater role next session and other organizations are adding Clean Elections to their legislative agenda. With more full and part-time staff, and a fully functioning office at the YWCA on Richards Street, we are ready to take on the 2005 legislative session.

In 2004 Maine and Arizona ran a smooth and successful Clean Elections program. Eighty-five percent of Maine's legislative candidates and fifty-five percent of legislative candidates in Arizona ran clean; they took no private campaign contributions and have broken the ties of special interests. Vermont, New Mexico, New Jersey, are all implementing Clean Elections on some level. Hawaii cannot be left behind!

The 2005 legislative session is it for Hawaii. After this year's election season, and the outrageous cost of campaigns, Hawaii's citizens are more than ready for a change. We must break the ties of undue special interest influence in our legislature.

Clean Money campaign reform will not happen without your help. There are simple things that each of us can do to ensure the passage of a clean money bill this legislative session. If each of us does a little, it will go a long way!

Jessica Wisneski
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