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Participate in Hawaii Kai 5-Year Review

The East Honolulu (Hawaii Kai) Sustainable Communities Plan is now undergoing its 5-year review. Bob Stanfield of Honolulu's Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) met with League's Planning & Zoning committee on October 26 to report on this review and to present the ongoing Ewa 5-year review. Those who wish to participate in the East Honolulu review can participate in workshops and receive information by signing up for the mailing list.

Participation can be quite intensive. DPP's form soliciting participation in the review lists meeting with DPP staff in an interview or small group meeting to discuss details of DPP's vision, experience, evaluation and suggestions for the Plan. The form welcomes the participant's own vision in the forms of maps. pictures or reports. Call 527-6094 or email bstanfield@co.honolulu

The Ewa review has gotten as far as a draft briefing package which is available at the League office. It presents a scorecard of goals of the Plan, such as the number of planned (8) and already completed (2) parks. Helping to develop the items for the scorecard for East Honolulu should be a rewarding endeavor.

East Honolulu extends from Kahala to Hawaii Kai. A good number of Leaguers live in this area. I hope some of you will call or email Bob Stanfield to sign up to participate in this 5-year review.

Pearl Johnson
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