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Planning and Land Reform for the "Land Between"

Our December 11 membership meeting will feature a panel discussion on possible land reform that could have significant implications for development in Hawaii. The "Land Between" refers to the rural/agricultural property in the State land use designations "between" Urban and Conservation, increasingly targeted for large-lot residential subdivisions on the Neighbor Islands and parts of rural Oahu. Proposals such as Hokulia on the Big Island have triggered major political and legal disputes.

Prominent local planners Tom Dinell and Robin Foster have authored a paper (Renewing Hawaii's System of Land Use Planning & Regulation), endorsed by the Hawaii Chapter of the American Planning Association, to address these issues, in ways that would affect the relative powers of counties and the State Land Use Commission. Their proposal was discussed in October before a group composed mainly of government and private planners, architects, and developers. Tom and Robin want to reach a larger audience of people like us, who are deeply concerned about the lack of planning for the preservation and use of agricultural lands. Reaction to developers' proposals is not planning.

In addition to Tom and Robin, the panel will include a representative from the City and County of Honolulu, environmental activist Alan Murakami of the Native Hawaiian Legal Foundation, and developer Harry Saunders, CEO of Castle and Cooke. They will also discuss the wider issue of meeting the demand for rural-area housing on lands often designated for "agriculture."

We will be inviting interested non-League members to join us for the luncheon and discussion. Please plan to attend and bring a friend.

Jackie Parnell
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