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President's Message (Jackie Parnell)
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President's Message

Finally it's over. If this wasn't the longest campaign ever, it sure felt like it. And it is not only over, it's over. Whether your candidate won or not, at least it was decided on election day. I don't think we could have stood waiting weeks to find out who was president. And once again, we can be proud of how we handled it. No matter how unpleasant campaigns get, the loser congratulates the winner and we move on. Can't say that for a lot of countries.

We can also be proud of how well Hawaii's election went. Finally our voter turnout is respectable again. And according to several League members who were involved in the election process, the voting and vote count went very smoothly with only minor glitches that always happen during elections

Last Saturday we had our quarterly meeting of the State League. The presidents of the three island Leagues - Honolulu, Hawaii and Kauai - are automatically members of the board, along with a representative from Maui's almost-League, which should be a regular League by early next year. It is always interesting to find out what they have been doing. Both Hawaii County and Maui were active in registering voters, holding forums, and otherwise educating voters, and Kauai put together a dynamite Voter's Guide which was mailed to every household on the island.

Details and a registration form are in this month's voter for our annual planning meeting at the Hale Koa Hotel on December 11. We have a great program planned and the Hale Koa's deli sandwich spread is always delicious. Plus they decorate the hotel so beautifully! Please plan to attend.

Jackie Parnell
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