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Welcome New Members

Council Watch

On November 29 two members of the newly formed Council Watch Committee had an opportunity to observe the Sanitary Fill Selection Committee of the City Council in action.

The importance of the landfill selection to the community was evident by the number of citizens who appeared before the committee to testify. Every seat was filled and there was standing room only in the hallways. Protestors from Hawaii Kai to the Waianae coast had the opportunity to persuade the Council that the new land fill should not be in their backyard(s). Apparently Nanakuli folks do not want the city and county using their area as a disposal site for either the homeless or the opala.

Only the operators of the Waimanalo Gulch landfill spoke in favor of the status quo.

On one point all agreed and that is that we must find better ways of eliminating the islands rubbish. Either we must find new and creative ways of recycling or enlarge H-power facilities.

We are looking for Leaguers who may be interested in joining the Council Watch Committee. Its a good way to find out how the city government works and you can learn a lot of interesting stuff without traveling very far.

Evangeline Funk,
Piilani Kaopuiki
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