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President's Message (Jackie Parnell)
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President's Message

As you may recall, keeping on top of the new Charter Commissions activities is high on the agenda for 2005. An area of special interest is proposed changes to the Citys Ethics Commission. We testified in support of Councilman Djous resolution to give them more power, specifically to levy fines like the State Campaign Spending Finance Commission does. After the public workers unions legal representative expressed opposition, the Council decided to duck the issue and referred it to the next Charter Commission.

So here we are and paying attention. Piilani Kaopuiki and Evangeline Funk as Co-chairs of the Council Watch Committee have undertaken this task. They could use some help; if you are interested, let them know.

The other project that we discussed last month is initiating a study on affordable housing on Oahu. It is very gratifying to see this topic finally getting the attention it deserves from the Governor and the Legislature, and to hear from members who wish to participate. However, I am concerned that the focus will be once again on making home ownership affordable to the neglect of persons who choose or are forced to rent and that once again, the homeless issues will become just a footnote in a report.

Thats why our Study Group is going to look at all the options for providing safe, clean and affordable shelter for all, not just houses and condos. After all, if it is legal to convert a 10 X 40 container into an office at a construction site, why cant we add a small kitchen and bath and house families that are now living on the beach?

We will be having our first meeting on Monday, January 31 at the League office, 11 am. Please join us and bring along as many creative ideas that you can come up with.

Jackie Parnell
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