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Hawaii Public Financing Bill Falls Just Short of Passage

After passing all standing committee hearings in both the House and the Senate, the Hawaii Clean Elections bill, HB 1713, died the Friday before the end of session as a result of the legislative conference committee failure to reach agreement on the offices to be covered by the bill. One point of disagreement was if the option should be for House races in 2006, or for House races in 2006 with expansion to Senate races in 2008. The second point of disagreement was whether to fund the 2006 races with the designated public funding money sitting in the Hawaii Election Campaign Fund. While disappointing, real progress was made in popularizing Clean Elections and building a grassroots base of support that actively engaged and lobbied the legislature.

Accomplishments of the campaign led by Hawaii Clean Elections include: new support and engagement from leaders within the Hawaiian community; organizing and holding house parties on islands other than O`ahu for the first time; broadening allies to include AARP and other allies; continuing cultivation and deepening of media relationships; and fundraising success and the expansion of Hawaii Clean Elections staff.

Hawaii Clean Elections and our allies are already planning on how to build on this expanded foundation to create an even stronger campaign for 2006.

Laure Dillon, Jessica Wisneski
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