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May 21 State Convention at Tokai University
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Who Will Use Rail? (Pearl Johnson)
Flawed Agriculture Bill Sneaks Past Legislature (Pearl Johnson)
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Did You Know? (Pearl Johnson)

Who Will Use Rail?

As Honolulu seems on the brink of rail transit in hopes of relieving traffic congestion, this quote from the book Collapse by Jared Diamond should be instructive. He talks of traffic in his home town and says:

"There is no end in sight to how much worse Los Angeles's problems of congestion will become, because millions of people put up with far worse traffic in other cities. For example, my friends in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, now carry a portable small chemical toilet in their car because travel can be so prolonged and slow; they once set off to go out of town on a holiday weekend but gave up and returned home after 17 hours, when the had advanced only three miles through the traffic jam."

How many people want rail transit so that others will get off the highway and let them get to work faster in their single-occupant car?

Pearl Johnson
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