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Discuss Developing Kakaako on July 26 (Pearl Johnson)
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Discuss Developing Kakaako on July 26

A new condominium in Kakaako, near Ala Moana Center, will soon be built. But the rules of the state do not allow retail space on the ground floor. It was only through complex negotiations that the condo was allowed to have retail at street level. What is going on?

Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA), whose rules are in question, will explain those rules to the Planning & Zoning Committee at 11 am on Tuesday, July 26, at the League office. Interested Leagues are invited to attend. HCDA's executive director Dan Dinnell will discuss Kakaako and Kalaeloa (Barbers Point), its other area of responsibility.

Condominiums are being built in numerous places in the Primary Urban Core. Honolulu League has long advocated filling in already developed areas rather than covering open space with houses. Will this development lessen the pressure to develop agricultural land? What role should we play, if any? Come to the meeting on July 26 and tell us what you think.

Pearl Johnson
P & Z Chair
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