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Affordable Shelter Committee Meets Sept. 12

The Affordable Shelter committee will meet at 11 am on Thursday, September 12 at the League office. At its meeting on August 1 it reached agreement on two items for the Board to consider. The first was to recommend that the State League join the Affordable Housing Coalition/Partners in Care. The motion was phrased this way because it was unclear at that time which was which. That has since been resolved: The Affordable Housing and Homeless Alliance is a statewide coalition of organizations, concerned individuals and people who are homeless, have low incomes or special housing needs.

The Alliance has a very active board of directors who work hard to attain the goal of ending homelessness and assisting people in maintaining their housing. The Alliance works with tenant groups across the State to organize tenants and inform them of their rights and responsibilities as tenants. The Alliance also works with management companies and landlords to ensure that these entities are providing housing in accordance with fair housing practices.

The Partners in Care organizations were formed to involve the homeless and others in need of low-cost housing in planning for solutions. There are Partners in Care organizations in each county so it seems sensible that the State League should join the Alliance and Honolulu join Partners in Care. The Committee also requested that the Board approve spending $40 for Malia Schwartz to attend the Waianae Coast Housing Summit on August 25.

Both motions were approved by the Honolulu Board on August 4th. Another action item was sending a letter to Mayor Hannemann relating to the City Asset Management Review Team created by the Mayor and charged with examining all of the real property owned by the City, some 700 parcels. They are to be evaluated for "best value and use." We requested that they include development of affordable shelter as one of their criteria for "best value and use" and not limit their analysis to strictly immediate – and short-term – financial benefits to the City. The letter was sent, with copies to all nine Council members.

Jackie Parnell
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