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Kakaako Development Progress

On July 26 the Planning and Zoning Committee met with Daniel Dinell, Executive Director of the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA). HCDA is a state agency that has jurisdiction over Kakaako, a major portion of downtown Honolulu. The District comprises 670 acres bounded by Piikoi, King, Punchbowl Streets and Ala Moana Boulevard. The District also includes the waterfront area from Kewalo Basin to Pier 4 in Honolulu Harbor. (HCDA also has responsibility for the redevelopment of Kalaeloa).

Some interesting facts on Kaakako that emerged from Mr. Dinell's presentation and members' questions include:

  • 4,476 residential units have been built or are under construction since HCDA assumed responsibility for redeveloping the area. 29 percent are affordable rentals or affordable for-sale units.

  • The area makai of Ala Moana had been planned for commercial uses only. Amendments are being proposed to HCDA's rule to allow residences.

  • The old pump station on Ala Moana Boulevard will be restored and preserved.

  • Ground level commercial uses in residential towers are encouraged but cannot be mandated. A successful example of how well this can work is Imperial Plaza on Cooke Street between Queen and Kapiolani.

  • The State Department of Transportation wants to assume responsibility for all planning in the area of Piers 1 and 2 and got a bill to do this adopted by the Legislature this year. Fortunately, the Governor vetoed it because of a technical error but it will be back and League must be alert next year to testify against it. If DOT is in charge, only transportation uses will be considered!

  • Until HCDA adopts rules, City rules apply in its areas of jurisdiction. They try to work together.
Jackie Parnell
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