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Meeting on Health Care for All October 15

Why doesn't everyone in Hawaii have access to health care?
a. No health coverage for some because only pan time jobs are available?
b. No health coverage for family members though your job gives you coverage?
c. Prescription drugs cost too much for you to afford?
d. Facing bankruptcy because of a serious illness in the family?
e. Pre-existing conditions make your premiums too high?
f. High co-pays and, or deductibles prevent full use of your health plan?

Whatever the reason, you need to know more about a plan that will make healthcare affordable for everyone.

A Public meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 15, in the auditorium at the State Capitol from 9:30 to 12:00. It is sponsored by the Health Care for All Coalition, of which League is a member.

A big turnout will show the public officials that people want and will support a law to create health care for ALL Hawaii's people. But if few show up, they'll assume there's no great support from voters.

Knowledgeable speakers will discuss the universal. single-payer health plan designed to make health care accessible to all. regardless of income level, age. or pre-existing conditions.

Part of the session will be set aside for "open mikes" when members of the audience are invited to make comments. ask questions, and share their experiences_

This is an opportune time for everyone to share their concerns about health care. Hawaii does have a good pre-paid health insurance system. but it leaves too many uninsured - It encourages businesses to hire part-time help to avoid providing health insurance for all of its workers. Small businesses are having a difficult time providing healthcare insurance because of the everescalating costs.

The aims is to devise a system that does not deny access to the most vulnerable. and vet tries to stein the ever-escalating cost of health insurance over and above inflation rates. This is an opportunity to learn more about the Canadian system and how it works.

Did you know that nation-wide, approximately 3100 of all health care dollars go toward administrative costs? A single-payer system would do away with much of the duplication in administration thus leaving billions to be spent on actual care and better access to care.

Jean Aoki
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