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Planning & Transportation

Want to know more about plans for Kakaako? Then come to the Oct. 25 meeting when A & B Properties will present its plans for the area makai of Ala Moana Blvd. The Planning & Transportation committee (formerly two committees) will meet at 11:00 am at the League office. All members are invited.

Letters to the Editor have expressed opposition additional housing in Kakaako. citing traffic concerns. League's position is that when people live where they can walk to shop, eat and accomplish errands, traffic is not increased. Furthermore, people living in the area prevent the familiar after-dark 'ghost town" effect of most business areas.

Changes are coming to Kakaako mauka of Ala Moana. Right now the plans are for "superblocks" ignoring all the small lots in the area. Also on the books are one-way streets to speed traffic through, rather than allowing cars to stop in the neighborhood. Plan Pacific, which has been designated to sift through the stakeholders' and public desires, will hold a public meeting on Nov. 5.

How much would substantially improved bus service cost? How much would it cost to lower bus fares by a meaningful amount?

The committee will try to come up with the figures so that the cost of rail transit can be compared. The famous Seattle monorail ended up costing several times the initial capital outlay when interest is added.

Pearl Johnson, chair
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