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Transportation Planning Survey

This month we are enclosing the survey now being distributed by the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OMPO). Please get your pen or pencil out and fill out the questionnaire NOW (the deadline is October 15). You can also respond using their website:

The League is a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee for OMPO. It meets once a month (third Wednesday) and is now in the process of updating the Regional Transportation Plan. Metropolitan planning organizations are mandated by the federal government to ensure that there is state, city, and federal cooperation in the use of federal funds.

No transportation project using federal funds can be built on Oahu unless it is approved by OMPO.

At the last CAC meeting we were invited to make suggestions for the plan on behalf of our organizations. I said that League supports taking alternative forms of transportation seriously. There are a lot of people who cannot drive either because they are old, disabled or cannot afford a car (remember all those people who could not evacuate from New Orleans?). Specifically:

(1) Rail transit is a long ways off. We need more and better buses and additional routes, with stops closer together, particularly to serve the elderly, the disabled and the carless. More and better buses will also help relieve traffic congestion.

(2) Bicycles are a form of transportation and should be taken seriously, not just given lip service by referencing the Oahu Bicycle Master Plan in the document. We need safe, separate and protected lanes.

(3) Walking is also a form of transportation. Enforce the laws that give pedestrians the right of way. Give us more crosswalks and we will use them. One of the reasons parents drive their children to school is there is no safe place for them to walk and particularly, to cross the street safely.

Please let OMPO know what your priorities are.

Jackie Parnell
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