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Planning & Transportation Committee

The development of Kakaako makai of Ala Moana was the subject of the Planning & Transportation committee meeting on October 25. A & B Properties presented their plan, which was chosen from 4 proposals presented to the Hawaii Community Development Authority.

Letters to the Editor and op-ed pieces have objected to housing and other aspects of the A & B plan. Members of the committee are well aware of what is there now: a fenced-off boatyard, an abandoned tuna cannery, a yard for City dump trucks, etc. The committee welcomed the plan to open up to the public the waterfront from Pt. Panic to Ala Moana.

A & B's plan includes a hula halau at the waterfront between Pt. Panic and Kakaako Park. Parking will be moved away from the water to free that choice land for more people-oriented use. The developer envisions retail uses such as restaurants, entertainment centers, bowling and fitness centers.

Pearl Johnson, chair
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