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President's Message
Planning Meeting on Dec. 17 (Pearl Johnson)
Opinion: In Support of Kakaako Plan (Pearl Johnson)
Voter Service Meets Jan. 5 (Arlene Ellis & Piilani Kaopuiki)
How to Help with Voter Registration (Piilani Kaopuiki)
Planning Association Says Excise Tax Will Increase by 1.5% (Charles Carole)

How to Help with Voter Registration

Election 2006 will find us selecting a new governor and filling other offices. The League will again go out into the community to register citizens to vote. To become certified, you must attend a short orientation presented by the city. Previous certificates have expired. Please call the League office at 531-7448 to sign-up. Let the office know what days during the work week that you are not available. That will help us arrange for group certification classes that are convenient for you. Thank you.

Piilani Kaopuiki
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