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Editor's Message - Federal Income Tax Cuts (Pearl Johnson)
Millionaire Tax Breaks
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Global Warming
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Light Rail Costs in Comparison to Population Size
Voter Service (Arlene Ellis)

Millionaire Tax Breaks

Here is an excerpt from the Democratic Policy Committee Feb.16, 2006 report: "Republican Budget Imposes Special-Interest Surtax on Middle-Class Families"

President Bush chooses tax breaks for multi-millionaires over help for middle-class families. In 2007 alone, under Bush Administration policies, tax breaks for those earning more than $1 million a year would cost about $40 billion. This dwarfs the amounts that would be needed to restore the President's education cuts ($2.1 billion), job training ($695 million), community policing ($371 million) or food for the elderly poor ($108 million), to take just a few examples. The ten year cost for tax breaks for million dollar earners would total about $650 billion, or more than six times the President's proposed $105 billion in Medicare cuts
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