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Affordable Shelter Committee

The Affordable Shelter Committee met on August 9 to consider strategies for League action. The two main areas of concern are retention of existing affordable shelter and alternate lower-cost housing options, for instance, motor homes and/or container housing.

Both are important but we decided to tackle the retention issue first. The problem is that when affordable housing is required for new development under current laws and ordinances, the units revert to market price after 30, 20, or even 10 years. An immediate and dramatic example is Kukui Gardens. There are alternatives such as land trusts that provide for the units to stay affordable in perpetuity. Other communities use them - why don't we?

The plan is to do the necessary research to create a "white paper" on the subject, including the legislative actions that will be needed to effect the changes. Once such a paper is approved by the Board, we can advocate for change.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 11 am, Monday, September 9.

Jackie Parnell
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