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Hillside Development Above Ka Iwi State Park

Can preservation-zoned land be turned in a resort? QRM and Westwood Development Group have proposed just that, calling the 180 buildings "cabins". Hillsides above Ka Iwi State Park and Hawaii Kai Golf Course are zoned "P-2", which allows one cabin per acre as a secondary use to recreation. However, QRM at a Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board meeting on June 27, would not say whether the cabins would be sold or used as time shares or vacation rentals.

In addition to the "cabins", 7500 square foot clubhouses are planned, as well as pools and tennis and volleyball courts.

The League's Honolulu Board has authorized an all-out effort to protect the East Oahu hillsides.

On August 10, President Kaopuiki sent the following letter to Mayor Hannemann:

"The City and County of Honolulu zoned the area from Ka Iwi Point to Sandy Beach P-2 to protect the land from hotel/residential development. The City should adhere to the designation that took over 30 years to achieve. Preservation land should remain just that.

"At the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board meeting in June, Westwood Development Group, also known as Moanalua Properties, presented a plan to build 180 cabins on the hillside near the State Park. This resort-like development is not appropriate for Preservation land. Vacation cabins were intended to be an ancillary use to recreation. The developer in this case is proposing "vacation cabins" (actually houses) and then planning to add recreational facilities to justify them. This subverts the intent of the ordinance, truly the tail wagging the dog!

"It also sets a terrible precedent. How many mountainsides on Oahu could be converted to resorts if this use of P-2 land is allowed? If the developer's interpretation of the P-2 designation is deemed to be correct, then the ordinance needs immediate change to clarify that the intent of P-2 zoning is preservation.

"A change to the section of the Land Use Ordinance pertaining to P-2 must be an urgent priority to ensure that there are no more similar applications. True stewards of the land would take immediate steps to preserve the vistas from the mountains to the sea.

"The League of Women Voters of Honolulu urges you to reject any applications for development on Queen's Rise overlooking Ka Iwi State Park."

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