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League Urges Governor to Save Kukui Gardens

The following letter was sent to the Governor by Jackie Parnell, chair of the Affordable Shelter committee:

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu salutes you for the concern you have shown for affordable shelter. We are particularly concerned with retaining the affordable housing that we now have. We are pleased that you have taken such an active interest in Kukui Gardens which cannot be lost from the affordable rental market.

We urge you to utilize the condemnation power you have immediately, while the market price is well established. The $131 million purchase price is what the State should have to pay, if you act right now. If the owner demands more, then there should be an investigation as to whether the sale to Carmel Partners is truly an arms-length transaction. Any delay may allow them to demand a higher price.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jackie Parnell
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