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Transit Update

The City has shortened the planned rail transit route in order to keep construction cost to $3 billion. However, construction costs are rising faster than the general rate of inflation. At the present rate of 9%, the shortened route, scheduled to begin in 2009, would cost $4 to $4.5 billion.

Phase 2, extending the line to Kapolei and UH, would cost between $2 to 2.5 BILLION dollars. This section might start in 2015 and may be completed in 2020. The total project cost may be between $6 and $7 BILLION dollars.

Mayor Hannemann said "I just really believe that once people ride it, they will support it. Over time we can add the other components". If he means paying a higher excise tax surcharge, this would put a greater burden on the low and moderate income families and individuals.

State Senator Lorraine Inouye said, "If the City feels there won't be enough money to carry on, they can come in (to the State Legislature) and tell us. I'm sure we would be open to an increase and there is enough will to get it done."

You can expect the rail surcharge on excise tax to rise to 1% to 2 % over the present 4% rate for the construction and operation of the rail line. This represents a 25% to 50% rise of Hawaii’s most regressive tax.

Charles Carole
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