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Wisconsin LWV Sets an Example

The Wisconsin State Journal wrote this about the Wisconsin LWV on August 9, 2006:

In a time of political blogs, big-money campaigns and partisan pundits, is there still a place for the League of Women Voters?

Leaders of the Wisconsin arm of the good-government group are betting that there is, looking to scatter some of the dust from their venerable but often overlooked institution.

In August, the Wisconsin League and two other government watchdog groups unveiled a survey sent to every candidate for the Legislature and statewide office. The survey, by the League, Common Cause in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, asked where candidates stand on ethics issues such as public financing of campaigns and a proposed merger of the state Ethics and Elections boards into a single board with greater powers to root out corruption.

It was the first time the League, which often does scattered surveys of candidates through its local chapters, has helped do a survey of all candidates for the Legislature.

The League took a controversial stand of its own recently, publicly opposing the gay marriage and civil unions ban. Executive director Andrea Kaminski and League president Melanie Ramey said the position was a natural extension of the longtime concern for civil rights in the League, which grew out of the women's suffragist movement.

One more way the League is trying to be a more active advocate for citizenship is by taking part in a challenge of the federal license renewal of five Milwaukee TV stations because the League says they didn't provide enough broadcasting on state and local elections over public airwaves in 2004. President Ramey wouldn't count out the idea of challenging future license renewals of Madison stations. Milwaukee television stations have disputed the claims by the League and other groups.

(Excerpted from a longer article)

Pearl Johnson
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