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Charter Amendments Recommendations
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Homeless Forum November 15
Don't Know How to Ride TheBus? Google Can Help You (Jackie Parnell)
October 31 Meeting Features Mainland Speaker (Pearl Johnson)
Op-Ed by Leaguer
LWV-Honolulu Commentary on Charter Commission's Proposed Amendments

Dont Know How to Ride TheBus? - Google Can Help You

A new free trip finder service offered by Google tells you what bus to take and how long it will take you to get there. It provides directions, an itinerary and a map and even calculates how much it would cost you if you drove your car!

We are one of six lucky metropolitan areas in the country that now have this service (the others are Seattle, Pittsburgh, Tampa, and Portland and Eugene, Oregon). All you need to do is go to and enter your start and end addresses and either your time of departure or arrival. The service will tell you when and where to catch your bus and when you will arrive. It also calculates your walking times between the start and end addresses and the bus stops.

I have tested it with routes I regularly use and it has been right every time. Try it. And be sure to read peoples comments under Discuss everyone wants it for his/her city. Think how great it will be for trip planning when you visit the mainland and will know how the transit system works before you get there!

Hooray for Google!

Jackie Parnell

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