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Charter Amendments Recommendations
Membership Meeting on December 9 (Piilani Kaopuiki)
Canada Rail System Offers Preview of Rail Fares (Charles Carole)
Check Out Our New Website (Stephen Trussel)
Fundraiser for Amendment #3
Welcome New Members
Monson Bequest (Arlene Ellis)
Homeless Forum November 15
Don't Know How to Ride TheBus? Google Can Help You (Jackie Parnell)
October 31 Meeting Features Mainland Speaker (Pearl Johnson)
Op-Ed by Leaguer
LWV-Honolulu Commentary on Charter Commission's Proposed Amendments

Charter Amendments Recommendations

Inside this newsletter is a 4-page pullout summary of Leagues recommendations for the proposed City Charter amendments.

League members Piilani Kaopuiki and Alice Fisher attended meetings of the City Charter Commission. League testified on some proposals. Meetings were held to discuss all the amendments once the Commission decided which would be on the ballot. Jackie Parnell summarized the committee findings which, after lively discussion, were approved by the Honolulu Board.

Here is a summary of Leagues recommendations, but please read the Charter insert carefully before you vote.

1. yes
2. yes on A
3. yes
4. no recommendation
5. yes
6. yes
 7. no
 8. yes
 9. no recommendation
10. yes
11. yes
12. yes

For More Information contact the Charter Commission at 592-8622 or

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