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Charter Amendments Recommendations
Membership Meeting on December 9 (Piilani Kaopuiki)
Canada Rail System Offers Preview of Rail Fares (Charles Carole)
Check Out Our New Website (Stephen Trussel)
Fundraiser for Amendment #3
Welcome New Members
Monson Bequest (Arlene Ellis)
Homeless Forum November 15
Don't Know How to Ride TheBus? Google Can Help You (Jackie Parnell)
October 31 Meeting Features Mainland Speaker (Pearl Johnson)
Op-Ed by Leaguer
LWV-Honolulu Commentary on Charter Commission's Proposed Amendments

Monson bequest

Thanks to the assistance of Leaguers Edna Shoup, Marian Miller, Marian Heidel, Yvonne Kearns and JoAnn Maruoka, the estate sale of Astrid Monsons personal property on September 30 & October 1 netted Honolulu League $5,354.50.

The next two weeks were spent contributing the leftover furniture, goodies and clothes to various organizations. The balance went on many trips to the city dump.

Arlene Ellis

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