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Charter Amendments Recommendations
Membership Meeting on December 9 (Piilani Kaopuiki)
Canada Rail System Offers Preview of Rail Fares (Charles Carole)
Check Out Our New Website (Stephen Trussel)
Fundraiser for Amendment #3
Welcome New Members
Monson Bequest (Arlene Ellis)
Homeless Forum November 15
Don't Know How to Ride TheBus? Google Can Help You (Jackie Parnell)
October 31 Meeting Features Mainland Speaker (Pearl Johnson)
Op-Ed by Leaguer
LWV-Honolulu Commentary on Charter Commission's Proposed Amendments

Check out our New Website

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii has a new website and a new webmaster. The new address which should be easy to remember is I'm Steve Trussel, a new member this year, and I've taken on the task of maintaining the site.

If you've got a computer with an internet connection handy, you might want to log on to the site so you can follow along with me as I present an overview of some of what we've got so far, and what our plans are.

The top of the page is essentially a collection of links to other pages on the site. Move your mouse over any of the labels in the red or dark blue band, and you'll see that they change shape to signal that they're links. If you visit them, you'll find that some are just getting started, waiting for input, while others will bring you to League position papers and reports.

Below the header bands you'll find the calendar and Welcome messages. If you've got items for the calendar, please let me know; you can email me at Items with longer descriptions can be accessed via links from within the calendar.

This top page, the "home" page is where important new postings will be listed first such as for the Pro-Con page for this year's Hawaii Constitutional Amendments.

And there's a set of links to the Aloha Voters, current and past. One of the new features of the page is an ongoing project to put all of our newsletter archives into an indexed, easily accessible format. The most recent issues of Aloha Voter and Ka Leo Hana are up, as well as archives for the past few years. Our goal is to eventually have all the archives available online.

Steve Trussel

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