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Voters Need the League in Election Years (Jackie Parnell)
Planning Meeting on December 9
Why League Concentrates on Government (Pearl Johnson)
Progress on Recycling (Pearl Johnson)
Rail Transit Fares
Welcome New Members
Effect of HOT Lanes
Did Voters Follow Our Advice?

Did Voters Follow Our Advice?

We made recommendations on ten of the 12 City Charter amendments on the ballot in November. Did the voters follow our advice? Here's how they voted and the percentage outcome:
#League Positionelection outcomeamendment description
1yesno (54-46)change term limits
2AB (74-26)voters kept term limits but extended limit to 12 years
3yesyes (58-42)conservation & housing fund
4noneyes (79-21)curbside recycling
5yesyes (86-14)Ethics commission can fine
6yesyes (68-32)no primary if 2 candidates
7nono (56-44)City Council can't reject Salary Commission recommendations
8yesyes (76-24)pedestrian-bicycle-friendly
9noneno (78-22)Liquor Commission exempt from Civil Service
10yesyes (78-22)clarify emergency services
11yesyes (53-47)extend life of appropriations
12yesyes (74-26)housekeeping amendments

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