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Voters Need the League in Election Years

Who Says the League's Irrelevant? Not in Election Years!

All of us have heard someone question the relevancy of the League at some time or another when we mention that we are active. Like, we've had the vote now for 86 years, so who needs it? But we absolutely know that we are needed, at least in even-numbered years.

Who else but the League gives you well-thought out pros and cons for constitutional amendments? (Thank you, Jean Aoki) Or help wading through the City Charter amendments? (Thank you, Honolulu Board). Or interviews to help you decide on Board of Education candidates? (Thank you, Mary Ann Raywid and the Education Committee). And that is just locally.

A national news service article on checking out the truth of online information published in The Honolulu Star-Bulletin on November 5 directed the reader to www.lwv.org as one of "a few trustworthy sources for information about campaigns."

And if you volunteered as an office monitor this last month, you know how many desperate people called for help in deciding how to vote. It was very satisfying to be able to direct them to our web site. Some even wanted us to tell them who to vote for. Sorry, no can do. One pleaded, "Just tell me who YOU are voting for."

The bottom line is hooray for us. We are providing a service that hardly anyone else does. Good job, Leaguers!

Jackie Parnell

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