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Ah Quon McElrath Addresses League

The Women’s Health and Safety Committee met on January 10 in the League office. Our guest at this meeting was Ah Quon McElrath.. She spoke to us on a range of women’s issues, particularly addressing the need for civil rights for females of all ages.

We will see more of Ah Quon during the 2007 legislature session, tirelessly working for Universal Health Care and Death with Dignity. She is an inspiration to us all.

Annelle Amaral also attended our meeting. She discussed the bills that will be in the Women’s Legislative Coalition package that are of particular of interest to League. One of those bills is “Sexual Assault, Emergency Contraceptives, Training Enforcement”.

The other bill is 'Relating to Medically Accurate Sex Education'. Annelle advises that current federal funding requires that those providers teaching “abstinence only” must advise that condoms cause cancer and that pre-marital sex causes mental disturbance.

Suzanne Meisenzahl
chair, Women's Health & Safety Committee

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