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President's Message (Piilani Kaopuiki)
Rail Proponents Turn Down Prime Time on Television (Pearl Johnson)
PBS's Island Insights Hosts League (Pearl Johnson)
Rail Plan Information on the Internet (Pearl Johnson)
Ah Quon McElrath Addresses League (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Rail vs Bus Decision Coming (Charles Carole & Pearl Johnson)

Rail Plan Information on the Internet

Taxpayers paid Parsons Brinckerhoff $10 million for the Alternatives Analysis which seems to point to the rail transit system as the best solution to Honolulu’s traffic problems. You can see this document at, click on "download..." at upper right corner. has staggering amounts of information on all aspects of traffic in Hawaii. Of particular interest to environmentalists is the "Environment page" reached by clicking on it in the left column. "Transit myths" should be read by those trying to decide if rail is a viable solution to our traffic problems.

Pearl Johnson

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