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Biodiesel Crops in Hawaii

From Pacific Business News, Nov. 27, 2006

A recent report from the state Department of Agriculture concludes that the African oil palm and jatropha are the two most promising biodiesel crops in Hawaii. The deciduous jatropha tree looks similar to coffee plants and is already being tested in Hawaii by researchers for its commercial value. Not only do its seeds have a high oil yield, but because it looks similar to coffee plants it can be harvested with the same equipment used for harvesting coffee. That means potential farmers will not have to spend a lot on initial machinery capital.

Drier parts of Hawaii could grow jatropha because it requires less water and is extremely versatile in terms of crop cycles. Oahu, which has only about 70,000 acres of farmland but consumes nearly 200 million gallons of diesel per year, would be best off growing jatropha in places like Waialua and Kunia.

According to the study, jatropha can be used to make cosmetic products such as glycerin, fertilizer and animal feed.

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