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Projected Budget FY 2007-2008 (Roxie Berlin)

Projected Budget FY 2007-2008

The Budget committee submits the attached budget proposal for adoption by the members of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu.

Our expenses are going up and our income is going down. The largest item in our expense account is our rent. Our current lease expires in April 2007 and, since the building has been sold, we can reasonably expect an increase. The annual per capita assessment by National League and State League has increased. The charge is now $26.30 and $11.50 respectively, totaling $37.80 per member.

Our source of income has dwindled dramatically. Until recently, our major source has been counting votes. Now, however, demand from our traditional vote count clientele has diminished. The League must seek other sources of income.

To partially compensate, effective April 14, and with your approval, we are asking for an increase in membership dues. Our current rate has been in effect for many years, and this increase is small and necessary. This is how the dues schedule looks:
Currently Proposed
$35.00Individual membership$40.00
52.50Household membership$60.00

Your Honolulu Board is looking into fundraising options as well as donors to meet our expenses. The important work of the League must be continued. Funding for that work must be found. If you are interested in assisting in our fundraising efforts, please call Piilani Kaopuiki, at the League office, 531-7448.

Roxie Berlin
Chair, Budget Committee

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