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Membership Meeting

On April 14 the intrepid loyalists of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu met to stoke their fire of activism. Joining them were newer members being introduced to our passion of civic mindedness.

The League lives to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government and to act on selected governmental issues. Committee heads reported on their activities and the status of their efforts. We heard about planning in the City and County of Honolulu, the latest on mass transportation, and how bills that we support, related to women’s health and safety, weathered the gamut of legislative procedures.

With a membership in excess of 200, we also heard a plea for members to take on the Council Watch effort.

Honolulu League will be going into the community on voter registration drives in preparation for Election 2008. We are already getting high school students initiated into the culture of civic responsibility. This year we hope to increase the vote count service we historically provide. And we cherish our new and fully loaded website, which is drawing interest from around the world.

The membership approved the proposed budget circulated in the March Aloha Voter. As our income has dwindled dramatically, we will continue to operate and pursue our goals through the generous support of our members and friends.

We respectfully appreciate the willingness of the following members to serve the League in the office to which they were elected yesterday.

Randy Ching, TreasurerLisa Keala Carter, Nominating Committee
Pearl Johnson, DirectorBeth-Ann Kozlovich, Nominating Committee
Elizabeth Reilly, DirectorMarian Miller, Nominating Committee

Laura E. Thielen, chairperson for Partners In Care, illustrated the current situation of homelessness on Oahu. We learned what homelessness is, who the homeless are, why they are homeless, where the political will seems to be to end homelessness and what we, as individuals and as part of an organization, can do to improve the condition of our fellow residents on our island. Each of us as individuals can effect change. When we donate goods, know that the goods are going to the appropriate recipient. When we have an opportunity to lend a hand in some way, do it knowing that may be just the break that person needs to break out of dependence on community services.

Thirty-three members attended the morning planning and discussion and then enjoyed a fine lunch presented by the Hale Koa Hotel. The League is a “bottom-up” organization. Member opinions, insights and participation fuel League activities. I hope we continue to see an increase in participation of League activities.

Mahalo for your membership and support.

Piilani Kaopuiki

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