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Send Comments on Rail

Here is an opportunity to comment on proposed rail transit to the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OMPO) on amending the 2030 Oahu Regional Transportation Plan. The amendment incorporates the abbreviated transit route and the higher costs since the plan was adopted in 2005. These comments are due by April 30. The OMPO Policy Committee will meet sometime in May to consider the amendment.

These comments are suggested for your submission:

  • There is insufficient population to support the shortened route. Eliminating Waikiki and the University of Hawaii from the eastern terminus and a large part of the Ewa plain at the western end of the project leaves a much smaller population to support the project.
  • It appears that the City is using transit as a planning tool to encourage high population densities around the transit stations. This is a laudable goal for smart growth. However, it will not be paid for by the main beneficiaries, the landowners near the stations. Instead it will be funded at the local level by the most regressive possible tax that will fall heaviest on persons with the least ability to pay.

Jackie Parnell

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