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Counties Should Take Over Highways

The Governor's Budget Program Memorandum states that the Highway Division has moved towards using various alternatives in lieu of building more highways. The alternatives, as stated in the Program Memorandum, are promoting ride sharing, flexible working hours, van pooling, car pooling, and the use of alternative modes, such as buses (both public and private), bicycling and walking through pedestrian friendly facilities.

The Honolulu LWV Board will therefore present to the State LWV Board the motion that the functions, responsibilities and funding of the State Highway Division be transferred to the counties. This transfer will leave the State Department of Transportation to be responsible for only the airports and the harbors.

Furthermore, the State Budget for highway maintenance in all counties from 2008 to 2013 is the same amount for each year, which indicates no inflation is considered in these figures. This means there will be less highway maintenance done each succeeding year.

Recently, Hawaii was ranked 46th among states in 2005 on the conditions of its roads and highways. In 2004, Hawaii was ranked 44th among states. Could roads get worse?

The Honolulu Board would like your written, phone and e-mail comments on this recommendation.

Charles Carole

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