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Drug Policy Study

In the September 2007 Ka Leo Hana. it was announced that a committee meeting on the Drug Policy Study welcomes those who would like to join the discussion as we draft the first part of our study: Hawaii League, Facts & Issues Report: Are We Winning the War on Drugs?

The meeting has been rescheduled from October 9th to October 25 in the League office at 10:30 am.

The consensus questions to be discussed are:

1. Should drug abuse be viewed as a public health problem and not solely as a criminal matter?

2. To what extent is drug abuse the reason for Hawaii's prison overcrowding and the need for using mainland prisons?

3. Are criminal sanctions more effective in reducing drug abuse than prevention and treatment programs?

4. Do current policies take a heavier toll on disadvantaged communities than on others, exacerbating the social conditions that created drug abuse in the first place?

5. Do pregnant women with histories of substance use have access to programs and facilities equipped to provide prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care? Are violence against women and other circumstances specific to women's involvement in drug-related activities, overlooked or ignored?

6. Is current drug policy protecting our children?

Suzanne Meisenzahl, Chair
Women's Health & Safety Committee

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