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Lies About Rail

On October 1, the Star-Bulletin editorial said the rail transit “project is on track and isn’t about to stop.” The editorial went on to make clearly wrong statements about the Tampa High Occupancy Toll (HOT) highway. It said “the Tampa tollway is open only during the rush hour, receives little use and is costing more than was expected.”

These easily-researched facts were sent to the paper by Marty Stone of the Tampa Expressway Authority: 1. The lanes operate 24 hours a day. 2. Usage is 30% above first-year projections. 3. A construction accident caused the runup in cost. Furthermore, Tampa’s entire cost was only $400 million. The city’s estimates over $2 billion for Honolulu’s elevated lanes.

The editorial also mentioned “21 lies” listed by honolulutraffic.com but did no fact checking. Lie #14 on the list was city’s statement the Pittsburgh busway ridership is only 9500. The Federal Transit Administration’s website shows the ridership is 52,000 per day. Another easily-researched fact.

Pearl Johnson

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