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Public-Private Partnerships

League member Charles Carole has been elected to chair the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) of Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OMPO). The committee supports public-private partnerships (PPP) by asking OMPO’s Policy Committee (PC) of OMPO to urge the Hawaii Senate Transportation Committee to hold a hearing for House Bill (HB) 70. This bill authorizes the State Department of Transportation (DOT) to enter into public-private partnerships with private firms to build, operate, or finance transportation facilities including highways.

These highways could be financed by tolls regulated through written agreement between the State and private firm. This bill passed a House vote and went over to the Senate. The chair of the Senate Transportation Committee (STC) wouldn't hear the bill. CAC hopes the Policy Committee would pressure chair of the STC to hold the hearing on the Bill HB 70, HD 3.

CAC passed a second motion requesting the OMPO Policy Committee to place the CAC Chair on its committee as a non-voting member.

These motions will be presented to the Policy Committee on October 22.

Charles Carole

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