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Aloha Voter in the "Time Machine" (Stephen Trussel)
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LWV-Honolulu Proposed Budget fro FY 2008-09
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Don't Blame Pearl... (Stephen Trussel)
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Aloha Voter in the "Time Machine"

Have you visited the Time Machine on our website at www.lwv-hawaii.com?

It’s near the top of the left-hand column, and every day there's an article from the past… from the newsletter issue that's been added to our on-line archives on that day.

In the files of the League office are newsletters - State and Honolulu - going all the way back to the beginnings of local League - back to 1949 for the Honolulu League and 1963 for the State League. For the past year and a half I've been creating an electronic archives of all these issues -- scanning them into computer files which can be viewed on line, on our website. As this issue of Aloha Voter goes to press, there are about 560 issues already archived. I try to pick out an interesting article from the day's issue, and that one that becomes the Time Machine article of the day.

I think Time Machine is a pretty good description of what we have. If you follow the link to today's article, you'll find yourself in an Aloha Voter of some 40 years ago… at that time many of the issues ran as large as 16 or 20 pages or more… filled with the news of a pre-computerized, pre-internet savvy League… when copies were made by mimeograph machines and postage was 4¢… and annual dues were $5.00! Read through an issue and then click the arrow at the top of the page to follow the thread forward to the next issues, to see what happened. In no time you'll find yourself back in the '60s, in a different world, but one in which there was concern about mass transportation, waste disposal, water quality, political openness and integrity and voting rights for D.C. -- Doesn't sound very different from today, does it?

Steve Trussel

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