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Expect Higher Rail Costs and Taxes

The City Administration has estimated that the rail cost will be $3.72 billions of 2006 dollars for the East Kapolei to Ala Moana Center system. However, this estimate doesn't consider inflation between 2009 and 2017, the period of construction.

The U.S. economy is entering a period of recession and higher inflation. The Federal Reserve is pouring billions of dollars into circulation and lowering the interest rate which devalues our dollars. Commodities, like steel, concrete and oil, are increasing in cost each month which increases the rail cost.

The City surcharge on the excise tax will not bring in the amount of money that they plan on to pay for rail construction. Mainland tourists will decrease and foreign tourists will not make up for our visitor loss. Our local people will not be spending as much as they have in previous years.

The City plans to spend our own funds for the first three or four years of construction which means they will have to issue bonds. Also, they is a probability that the Feds will not fund the project or will not fund as much as the City hopes for.

The Mayor is requesting $265.1 million for planning and initial construction of Oahu mass transit system in his proposed budget. We should closely examine his budget for detrimental effects on us.

Charles Carole

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