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Women's Health & Safety Committee (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Mary Anne Raywid in Virginia
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LWV-Honolulu Proposed Budget fro FY 2008-09
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Women's Health & Safety Committee

Legislative Update

HB466 HD1/SB1110 SD1 Emergency Contraception This bill is passing this session. To recap, the bill requires hospitals and public health facilities to provide information and emergency contraception to sexual assault victims.

HB 464 HD2/SB1117/ SD1 Sex Education Also passing this year is this bill requiring state funded sexual health education to provide medically accurate, factual information that is age-appropriate and includes education on both abstinence and contraception.

Drug Policy Study Update

A draft of our report will be on our website on Sunday March 16. If you like to review it and offer your comments prior to completed report please call me for information on how to access it. The legislature did not pass a resolution for a drug study so we are hoping that our report will fill that gap. We look forward to your input.

Suzanne Meisenzahl

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