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Voter Service

We are looking at a full plate of events for the League's Voter Service Committee this important election period.

  1. League will register voters at the Kailua Town Fair on Sunday, April 27 from 11 am to 4 pm on the main street in Kailua.

  2. Hawaii Public Radio is requesting League's participation in their live Forum/Debates airing three times a week – specific dates and duties to be set for the City Council races.

  3. Olelo wants our involvement in their “Candidates in Focus”, among other activities they are considering.

  4. Hawaii Public Radio is planning Forum/Debates on the Con-Con issue, in which we may become involved (see article on Con-Con in this issue).

  5. We will continue our voter registration efforts in shopping centers, condominiums, etc.

We welcome any suggestions from the membership on specific locations we can add to our list in our voter registration efforts.

Ed Fund is taking up the costs of new League banners, tripods, etc. for our voter registration efforts.

Arlene Ellis
Voter service Chair

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