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Board Supports Stop Rail Now Petition

The Honolulu League’s Board endorsed the Stop Rail Now petition at its last meeting on April 24. It urges members to gather signatures for this petition to stop the construction of the Mayor’s steel-on-steel heavy rail system.

League’s position on rail transit was formulated and adopted in May 1990. The Honolulu City Council rejected rail in September 1992 by a vote of 5 to 4. Before that vote, the plan had been moving forward by 5 to 4 votes. The present rail debate has been moved forward by numerous 5 to 4 votes, meaning that a swing of one vote may repeat history.

The 1990 position on rail transit was reaffirmed recently at a general membership meeting. Honolulu Board noted that supporting the Stop Rail Now petition supports League’s long-standing position.

The petition can be downloaded from the website www.stoprailnow.com. Or you can get the petition office to send you copies of the petition by phoning 536-4384.

Honolulu League held a meeting last October in the State Capitol to provide citizens with a forum to express their opinion of rail transit. The opinions expressed by the overflow crowd were overwhelmingly against rail.

Last November, the city commissioned a poll. 45 percent of those polled chose rail. 21 percent chose boosting the efficiency of the bus system and constructing more highways. 20 percent chose expanding the bus system and building a viaduct as a toll road. Of the remaining respondents, 10 percent said they don't know and 5 percent preferred the "no build" option, which focuses on replacing buses and highway construction

Not knowing how the question was worded, we cannot know how informed that 45% was. However, there is no avoiding the fact that the poll found that the majority did NOT support rail.

Now this petition appears to be the only hope that taxpayers have to stop the rail transit plan. So go now to www.stoprailnow.com or call 536-4384.

Pearl Johnson

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