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League Website an International Hit

If you've been following the stats on our website usage (which you can find at the bottom of our home page, by clicking on "Webmaster's Report"), you know that our visit count for April was an all-time high of nearly 40,000. That's an average of over 1,300 visits a day - about 55 visits per hour, 24 hours a day!

Needless to say, not all of those were from Hawaii. We get more or less equal usage throughout the day, with the highest between 10 pm and 3 am, local time.

The statistics also reveal a surprise: Since we "know" the country of origin for requests for our site (requesting addresses usually show the country code), we often find a large number from a single foreign country or set of countries, often on a single day. That suggests not a casual visit, but that they are looking at (and probably saving) large numbers of our pages.

So far this month, for example, France and Italy have each accounted for 6% of our total visits, both with about 7,000 hits.* In March, Italy and Russia each accounted for 5% of our hits, while in February, the United Arab Emirates showed about 6,000! In January, a similar volume was from Yugoslavia (5863); in November of 2007, Romania accounted for over 10% (8210)!

Every month we have visits from over 20 different countries; and not always the same ones. As for where visitors are going on our site, the only thing clear is that our newsletter archives - primarily back issues of Aloha Voter and Ka Leo Hana, generally top the list. (So far this month, visits to our newly posted, annotated version of the Hawaii State Constitution are at the top.)

Steve Trussel,

*(A hit is a request for a single file, so a visit is made up of multiple hits, including different pages, images, logos, etc. - more about this in the webmasters report, www.LWV-Hawaii.com/wbmstrs.htm).

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