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League Activities on Constitutional Convention Question (Jean Aoki)
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League Activities on Constitutional Convention Question

League Activities on Constitutional Convention Question

Arlene Ellis, Piilani Kaopuiki, JoAnn Maruoka and Jean Aoki, representing League’s ConCon and Voter Service Committees, met with ‘Olelo people, President and CEO of Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs Bill Kaneko, and Sandra Oshiro of the Honolulu Advertiser to talk over where and how we can work together to get information out to the public to help them make informed choices in the 2008 elections.

We all agreed that the Constitutional Convention (ConCon) question, along with rail transit would be the biggest issues, especially if the initiative proposing an ordinance to read, “Honolulu mass transit shall not include trains or rail transit,” is successful in getting a place on the 2008 ballot.

We also agreed that all the media, profit and nonprofit, print and electronic, will need to work cooperatively to get the public engaged in understanding what a constitutional convention is.

What is the role of a state constitution? What are the problems in our constitution, if any, that need to be corrected? Why are some people advocating so strongly for ConCon? Why are others so adamantly opposing ConCon? What is the history of ConCons in Hawaii? What is the vote requirement to support a ConCon? How is ConCon a people’s event?

It is vital that people understand what they are being asked to decide when they mark “yes” or “no” on the question on the ballot in November: “Should there be a convention to propose a revision of or amendments to the Constitution?”

We will be meeting with Bill Kaneko to explore ideas and make certain decisions on the type of events we will sponsor together and begin work on them. We will need to contact the different media management to see where and how we might cooperate in our efforts to present information to the public. We will need to see what skills and human resources each organization can bring to our joint effort. It is a daunting task, but an exciting one. You are all invited to join us in this undertaking.

Annotated Constitution on Website

Have you visited our web site recently?

An exciting and very helpful addition to our website is the Hawaii State Constitution with Annotation and Index. This is a very readable version with four additional view options. The content is all the same. Just choose the view most useful to you.

Be sure to click on the Navigation Guide that is above the Constitution title page and you'll see all your options and how to use it. There are many hyperlinks on headings throughout the document which make it easy to move from one section or view to another. Kudos to our outstanding Webmaster, Steve Trussel for making this another great online capability.

A week ago, Jean appeared before the ACLU Board to discuss what our survey of opinions on ConCon has revealed, what our plans are for educating the public leading to the November question on the ballot, and what our role will be should the public vote for ConCon.

‘Ready to Run” Campaign Training Workshop

On May 28, 2008 the State Commission on the Status of Women is offering the one-day "Ready to Run" Campaign Training workshop for potential women candidates and campaign managers. The primary purpose is to let these women hear directly from prominent elected and appointed leaders, campaign consultants and party officials about how to get ready to run.

Additionally, the League was asked to speak about the Constitutional Convention question that will be on this year's ballot. JoAnn Maruoka will represent us; her talk is titled "ConCon: To Have or Not to Have, That's the November 2008 Ballot Question for Hawaii Voters".

The Ready to Run training program was developed by The Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers' University Eagleton Institute of Politics, and is offered under the Commission's mandate to encourage a long-range program of educating women in their political rights and responsibilities.

League Serves on Task Force

Honolulu League President, Piilani Kaopuiki will represent League on a task force organized by the Lieutenant Governor’s office to estimate the costs of constitutional conventions held under different scenarios. This will add to the information available to the public in addition to the cost estimate to be produced by the Legislative Reference Bureau following the 1978 model.

Jean Aoki

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