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48th National Convention

The national LWV held its convention June 13 — 17 in Portland, Oregon.

Five program awards were given out. One was the WEB SITE AWARD: Interactive, Easy to use, Informational and Functional. It was given to the League of San Francisco. Jackie Parnell suggested that we go after it next year. Technology ideas I came away with, and hope to research and discuss with Steven Trussel, were on-line fund raising and Smart Voter.

Smart Voter is a way to launch our Voters Service on the Internet. Six states currently have it in place. It would increase League visibility and give voters the information they need in the format they expect in today's fast-paced, Internet-connected world.

The Governor of Oregon from 1994 to 2002 John Kitzhaber gave the key speech. Gov. Kitzhaber's mother was at one time president of the League of Oregon. His talk and a theme of this year's convention was "The Unfinished Business of the Baby Boom Generation: Health Care for the 21st Century".

One of the most educational events for me was a Climate Change Panel, part of the Plenary Session held on Monday in the Grand Hilton Ballroom. It included two speakers. V. Ramanathan, of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC-San Diego, gave an overview: The State of Climate Change-What We Know and What We Don't. Heather Kaplan, Senior Policy Advisor on Climate Change, Oxfam America spoke on "Climate Change Disparities: The Effect on the Developing World. Many of us put our name on her e-mail list to get a copy of a video produced by Oxfam, which I hope to share with League members.

Norman Turrill was selected to be the first male on the 12-member board in the history of the League. "He's the Hillary Clinton of the League of Women Voters," says state Sen. Kate Brown, D-Portland, her party's nominee for Oregon secretary of state, who has seen Turrill represent the League at a number of legislative committee hearings.

Suzanne Meisenzahl
Honolulu Delegate

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